A project offering objects to help support against issues we object to.  

Focusing on supporting women, LGBTQ, artists and designers



About our partner online shop

Project Object is an online shop selling handmade goods and works from local artists in Portland, Oregon. Along with talented creatives from all over the country we are also focusing on supporting women, lgbtq, people of color and those who share a love for all!  We host art shows, workshops, trunk shows, fundraiser and community events throughout the year.  Project Object is dedicated to making a difference - large and small.  That is why portions of sales go towards nonprofits such as ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Bradley Angle - a local organization that helps victims of domestic violence.


It is all too common that we find ourselves, our loved ones or friends who have been in beyond bad relationships.  As easy as it may seem to just get out it is something that can sometimes be hard for others to have empathy for and to know that they have a place available to turn to is so important for their well being.  A portion of the sales from Project Objects goes towards a non-profit women's organization that places women and anyone experiencing-or at risk of- domestic violence with services that provides them with safety, education, empowerment, healing and hope from the good people of Bradley Angle.

A portion will also go to fund Project Object to help fund our projects, fundraiser events, empower women and the community.  We are now accepting boxes of tampons, pads, unused/new bras and underwear.  Please email us: