Shop Upper Metal Class and see the entire collection in person at our following shows below!

Project Object

july  18 / Portland

Aug. 15 / Portland

Taking the leap into creating full-time is scary. And no one knows that better than T. Ngu, founder and owner of Upper Metal Class and Project Object. Join us for a monthly talk about how she started the business, became full-time, different avenues of selling jewelry, what wholesalers look for and more! To keep this a more personalized intimate talk space is limited!  Early birds $25 to register or $30 afterwards!

Mississippi street fair

july 14 / Portland

Setting up shop with Project Object! Free and open to all ages! With a stellar roster of 200+ shops, designers, food carts, a festive bar! 

Renegade Craft Fair

July 21 + 22 / Seattle

Find us at this show to shop Upper Metal Class in person! Renegade is a curated gathering of designer, makers, doers, and dreamers that define today's craft and design communities across the U.S. and beyond.